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At eLIctrify, we believe we are seeing a fundamental shift to zero-emission electric vehicles, including:

  • passenger vehicles
  • scooters
  • heavy-duty mass transit and coach buses
  • yellow school buses
  • urban delivery trucks
  • materials-handling vehicles
  • port cranes and recreational vehicles
  • marine and aviation industries.

Further, the transition away from coal-fired power plants to clean and renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and natural gas will play a critical role in transitioning the entire energy transportation network to lower emissions. In order for this transition to occur, various energy technologies will play a supporting role, such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure and battery-based energy storage systems.


Clean & Renewable Energy ​

We believe that the transition to a zero-emission, clean energy future is well underway and we feel that it is critical to generate and deliver the ongoing flow of related news to global viewers. More than ever before, global citizens are seeking accurate information on these developments from trustworthy media outlets.

There are significant investment opportunities emerging as capital begins to support the transition. We are at the shift point to the electrification of the global transportation system and the move to clean and renewable energy sources. Related investment opportunities are certain to present themselves.

Global energy funds are quickly moving away from traditional fossil fuels to the establishment of lower- or zero-emission energy sources, while cities around the world have committed to banning petroleum- and diesel-based vehicles. Collectively, this energy and transportation transition will attract a tremendous amount of capital from all phases of production, from the exploration and mining of critical minerals and chemicals to the establishment of mega-sized battery material manufacturing complexes, to the development of new vehicle manufacturing facilities. Further, supporting hardware and software infrastructure is on the verge of attracting much-needed capital that will enable the energy and transportation transition to run smoothly. The eLIctrify media platform was created by a group led by Livio Filice, who is an industry professional with nearly a decade and a half of experience in the clean technology and renewable energy industries. Over the past 6 years, he has authored over 200 articles and interviews covering the lithium supply chain for numerous media outlets, including Seeking Alpha, Renewable Energy World, The Assay, BlackWall Metals (China), The Deep Dive, Resources Stock Digest, Long Island News Radio and various others. His work has been well-received by viewers around the world, with over 2,500,000 views.


About: Livio Filice

Livio has visited and reported extensively on lithium exploration and mining sites in the Northwestern region of Argentina and the James Bay region of Quebec, Canada. He has been highlighted by Rise Global on Twitter, an American online news and social networking service, as one of the top 350 global influencers in the “Climate and Energy” category. Livio has been the subject of one-on-one interviews with The Globe and Mail and National Post, Canada’s two national newspapers. He has also spoken on various panels, presenting discussion of emerging battery and materials demand to the global finance communities in New York, London and Las Vegas.

Throughout his career, Livio Filice has successfully developed and executed scalable business and sales strategies for nascent products in the North American and Caribbean markets. He has worked with numerous early and mid-stage clean technology companies, including a vertical-axis wind turbine developer, a rechargeable consumer battery manufacturer, residential energy storage systems manufacturers, a solar power system integrator, and several unique power control and conversion platform developers for next generation power distribution networks.

Livio has also worked on various projects for both lithium exploration and mining companies. He has been based in Toronto, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Germany and Australia.

The future is electric.

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